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Translations and Textbooks

I am an authorized translator from Hungarian to Swedish and I can also help you with translations from the French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, German and Polish languages.

Authorized Translator is a legally protected professional title for translators who have been officially authorized by the Swedish Board of Commerce or the Swedish National Judicial Board for Public Lands and Fund.

The members of the federation:

  • undertake qualified translation work
  • are legally obliged to observer confidentiality
  • work in accordance with the established rules of professional conduct
  • apply rates recommended by the Federation
  • are entitled to use an official stamp to legalize the authority of translations
  • undertake all kinds of translations to or from the authorization language as appropriate and accept
    assignments from authorities, companies and private individuals. Translations signed and stamped by an authorized translator are recognized and accepted by embassies, consulates, courts of law and other official bodies.

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